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Crypto Overview; Crypto-Currency or Digital-Currency is a currency that does not exist physically and is rooted in computers. It is said to be a virtual currency, which works on cryptography algorithms and is also used as a payment method but has yet to be used worldwide. The term Blockchain Technology makes the existence of cryptocurrency plausible. Bitcoin is the initial ruler of the cryptocurrency market, which was created using blockchain technology.

Blockchain technology can be used on various projects such as health, real estate, transferring funds, social media apps, voting systems, etc. Whenever a new technology evolves, gaining trust is an initial difficulty, and newbies need help understanding the crypto industry complexities and the exact science. Still, over time, cryptocurrency has gained significant trust. Once, Elon Musk said that no government or state can eliminate crypto, but it can influence it.

Crypto Prices, Volume, Market Cap, & Supply

Top Cryptocurrency Centralized Exchanges (CEX)

Crypto centralized exchanges (CEX) are similar to the stock exchanges, where shares and commodities are traded, and CEX is known for cryptocurrency trading. Centralized crypto exchanges are owned by an individual or group of individuals that facilitates only digital assets, and they earn money by getting some commissions and transaction fees. Here is a list of CEXs according to their popularity, volume, average liquidity, markets, and coins. You can explore, sign-up, and sign in pages by clicking these tabs.

Binance leads the crypto market with a daily trading volume of $76 billion and, as of April 2023, has 110 Million customers worldwide. Binance Ecosystem has spot markets, derivatives, launchpads, NFTS, and many more.

Owner: Changpeng Zhao, 

Rating: 9.9

Weekly Visitors: 13,569,671

Listed Markets: 1686

Listed Coins: 386

It is a US-based centralized crypto exchange that allows users to transact digital currencies. The platform provides the facility to withdraw cryptocurrencies with PayPal, and Coinbase Pro has advanced trading features with lower fees.

CEO: Brian Armstrong, 

Rating: 8.4,

Weekly Visitors: 37,663,

Listed Markets: 542,

Listed Coins: 241,

OKX, formerly known as OKEX, was launched in 2017 and is run by Jay Hao. This centralized exchange with a Hot Wallet supports DEX, NFTs, and decentralized applications (Dapps). OKX Hot wallet supports 30 blockchain networks.

Owner: Jay Hao, 

Rating: 7.2

Weekly Visitors: 2,265,895

Listed Markets: 744

Listed Coins: 341

Kraken was established in 2011, it was one of the initial crypto exchanges to offer futures and spot trading, and it also started its operations in the United States. Kraken was the first to launch staking and had over 8 million clients.

CEO: Jesse Powell, 

Rating: 8.1,

Weekly Visitors: 1,052,473,

Listed Markets: 714,

Listed Coins: 225,

KuCoin is one of the biggest central crypto exchanges in the world, and it was officially launched in August 2017. The platforms support debit or credit cards and P2P options for depositing and withdrawing crypto.

Owner: Johnny Lyu, 

Rating: 7.3

Weekly Visitors: 2,249,569

Listed Markets: 1507

Listed Coins: 835

Bitstamp started its crypto operations in August 2011, with more than 4 million clients worldwide. This crypto platform’s AA rating feature enables Bitstamp to be the world’s top-rated cryptocurrencies centralized exchanges. 

Founder: Damian Merlak

Rating: 7.2

Weekly Visitors: 257,480

Listed Markets: 165

Listed Coins: 73

Bybit is a CEX, and it was established in March 2018; Bybit currently has more than ten million users, including individuals and institutions. Bybit deals in spot trading, futures trading, options trading, NFTs, launchpad projects, and staking features.

Owner: Ben Zhou, 

Rating: 7.2

Weekly Visitors: 3,359,757

Listed Markets: 576

Listed Coins: 382

Bitfinex started its operations under the Hong Kong-based company iFinex. This platform owns Tether (USDT), a popular and largest stablecoin. Users can access the features such as margin trading, over-the-counter trading, and many more. 

Founder: Raphael Nicolle

Rating: 7.0

Weekly Visitors: 507,714

Listed Markets: 418

Listed Coins: 193 is a CEX (centralized cryptocurrency exchange) founded in 2013, and they have 1450 digital assets and 2250 trading pairs for trading. supports derivatives, spot trading, perpetual and quarterly trading, options and margin trading. 

Owner: Lin Han, 

Rating: 6.8

Weekly Visitors: 2,893,005

Listed Markets: 2761

Listed Coins: 1722

Top Cryptocurrency Decentralized Exchanges (DEX)

Decentralized crypto exchanges (DEX) are another platform that allows users to sell or buy crypto assets through digital wallets without acting as any mediate facilitator. DEXs uses smart contracts to transact digital assets, which you can visualize is the same as bank accounts or other financial and personal accounts. Users can’t use these DEXs without wallets that are used for smart contracts; we have got it sorted for you regarding their market share, type, and network.

Uniswap is the initial DEXs in the crypto markets, which works under the Ethereum blockchain with many smart contracts (ERC-20). Uniswap launched in November 2018, under the AMM (Automated Market Maker) Model. 

CEO: Hayden Adams

Blockchain: Ethereum 

Markets: 867

dYdX is the advanced developer of DEX, which works on advanced crypto products like derivatives and perpetual. A mathematical equation dy/dx is the originating concept of this decentralized exchange and its token, DYDX. 

CEO: Antonio Juliano

Blockchain: Ethereum 

Markets: 37

Kine Protocol is a DEX that was established in March-2021 and allows users to trade P2P, which implies trades between users. The Kine protocol will enable users to collateralize on networks such as BNB Chain, Ethereum, and Avalanche. 

CEO: Lei Wang

Blockchain: Ethereum,

Markets: 16

PancakeSwap is the most famous DEX that allows BEP-20 tokens to be swapped for users on the BNB smart chain network. It also uses the AMM Model, enabling users to trade conversely to the liquidity pool. 

CEO: Certik and Slowmist

Blockchain: BNB smart Chain,  

Markets: 3893

Curve Finance is a DEX that provides a decentralized liquidity pool for stablecoins. Pools are smart contracts that execute the StableSwap unchanged and allow the exchange of two or more tokens.

CEO: Michael Egorov

Blockchain:  Ethereum, Arbitrum, Aurora,  

Markets: 88

ApolloX is the largest decentralized crypto exchange on derivatives and Web3 on the BNB chain. This platform facilitates features such as ApolloX Classic, an order book, low slippage, and fast execution of trades. 

CEO: ApolloX Classic, Inc.

Blockchain: BNB smart Chain,  

Markets: 75

QuickSwap is a decentralized crypto exchange that offers a low slippage fee and faster execution of transactions. QuickSwap works on the Polygon Blockchain Network. The platform also uses the AMM (Automated Market Maker) Model. 

CEO: Roc Zacharias,

Blockchain: Polygon  

Markets: 118

ApeX is a DEX protocol that facilitates the creation of perpetual swaps for any token pair. This protocol allows users to trade directly between seller and buyer through unchangeable and ongoing smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain.

CEO: ApeX Inc.

Blockchain: Ethereum,  

Markets: 13

Orca is a decentralized exchanges that uses the AMM model, works on the Solana Blockchain, and maintains its liquidity pools. The protocol was launched in February 2021, and users swap digital assets to yield farming and provide liquidity. 

CEO: Grace Kwan

Blockchain: Solana,  

Markets: 356

Top Cryptocurrency Wallets Apps

Crypto wallets are an essential tool to buy and sell digital assets, and users need to store cryptocurrencies and protect transactions securely. There are two types of wallets: Hot & Cold, and they are often used with DEXs to transfer and secure crypto assets. The private key is essential to operate wallets; when you create your first wallet, save your private key; if you lose it, you will never be able to restore your assets. Crypto users search for crypto wallets and how to download them, so here we have brought sorted crypto wallets that are very easy to download and use.

The most well-known and secure wallet is operated by the Coinbase exchange. You are able to store your digital assets, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, NFTs, and others altcoins. It functions on the web and mobile platforms simultaneously. 

Year of Launch: 2012

Assets on Platform: $130B

30 million users trust Metamask, a cryptocurrency wallet that effectively offers blockchain applications. Users can buy, send, receive, securely store, and swap their digital assets (BTC, ETH) using the Platform.

Year of Launch: 2016

Active Users: 30 Million

Trust Wallet is one of the most reputable wallets in the world, that enables users to purchase, store, and send digital assets like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and NFTs. The Platform provides users the access to cryptocurrency prices and charts. 

Year of Launch: 2021 

Active Users: 60 Million 

Another digital wallet developed by Thomas Voegtlin, Electrum is quick for transactions and has an intuitive interface. The Wallet is accessible via the web and mobile devices; it is free software that operates under the MIT License. 

Year of Launch: 2011

Active Users: 20 Million

The blue Wallet connects to the user’s hardware wallet, where they can control their cold storage, and is simple to download for Android and desktop. For the BTC protocol network to be secure, users can create multiple keys.

Year of Launch: 2017

Active Users: 35 Million

Exodus is a wallet that can manage, exchange, and send about 300 different crypto and NFTs. The Platform supports multiple channels including Ethereum, Solana, BSC Scan, as well as mobile, desktop, and hardware applications. 

Year of Launch: 2015

Run by: JP Richardson DeFi Wallet was developed by the cryptocurrency exchange DeFi (Decentralized Finance), which is well-known. Both desktop and mobile applications for DeFi products are available to users of DeFi Wallet. 

Year of Launch: 2016

Total supported assets: 1,000;

There is no direct option to link users’ cryptocurrency holdings to Clod Wallet, but users can keep track of the crypto they can buy, send, and swap on Atomic Wallet. By purchasing a membership, users can earn cryptocurrency. 

Crypto Holder: 300,000,

Total supported assets: 1,450;

Users can easily access DeFi applications and software wallets with Ledger Nano S+, which supports digital assets. On the connected devices, including the mobile and desktop versions, users can swap, and stake. 

Launch Date: 2014,

Total supported assets: 5,500;

Top Cryptocurrency News Platforms

Crypto news is the key element that makes you an expert trader; unfortunately, many fake news platforms could be untrustworthy sources of information. To become a successful trader, you must research the pump or dump situation to know the market sentiment. We have done the searching for your most reliable crypto news sources whether you’re new to the ecosystem of crypto. Coindesk is the most reliable crypto news website; here, we have the same platform where you can subscribe to upcoming newsletters.

Since its founding in May 2013 and coverage of nearly all news since then, CoinDesk has grown to become the most influential news platform worldwide. For those who are interested in crypto news, events, announcements, etc., it is a dependable platform.

Owner: Shakil Khan,

Founded Year: 2013,

The Decrypt news platform, which combines human and artificial intelligence, is available for users to explore. It is the most reliable news platform because of AI technology, which gives the news about the cryptocurrency market a ton of value. 

Owner: Josh Quittner

Founded Year: 2018

Users of the free news platform Bankless receive updates via email. Users can get news about cryptocurrency events, seminars, podcasts, interviews with cryptocurrency experts, and more by clicking the E-mail tab on the website’s homepage. 

Owner: David Hoffman

Founded Year: 2018

One of the most dependable sources of cryptocurrency news is Beincrypto, which offers the most recent reports, user feedback, prices, conversions, and press releases. The platform focuses on crypto reviews and instructional content. 

Owner: Dani

Founded Year: 2018,

Users can follow research portals, newsletters, and the crucial podcast which is “The Scoop” on The Block website. The Block has a thorough understanding of both conventional finance and governmental crypto regulations. 

Owner: Larry Cermak

Founded Year: 2019,

The oldest, most dependable, and most widely recognized source of cryptocurrency news is Bitcoin Magazine. It also hosts a community of experts who discuss how information, events, and news about blockchain technology, affect prices.

Owner: BTC Media LLC

Founded Year: 2012,

The most recent articles on Bitcoin and all other significant alternative crypto currencies are available at The Coin Bureau. It might serve as the basis for a snap judgment you reach after reading news, events, and articles.   

Owner: Guy

Founded Year: 2018,

CoinGape is an enormous blockchain leader worldwide and a top-rated news platform. It is the quickest source of news about blockchain, bitcoin, and altcoins as well as price analysis, charts, reviews of cryptocurrencies.

COO: Abhinav Agarwal

Founded Year: 2017

A news and event platform called Blockworks asserts to be the first to report on developments in the cryptocurrency sector. Because it is a financial media brand, the platform grants users premium access to earn some rewards. 

CEO: Jason Yanowitz

Founded Year: 2014

Top Cryptocurrency Prices Platforms

The real-time data, such as prices, volume, market capital, and circulating supply of crypto, is consequential in the digital market; if users fail to evaluate real-time prices before trading, their trades will incur losses. Coinmarketcap is the most trusted website for crypto coins or tokens’ information; if you are new, please start your crypto career with this platform. Apart from this, you can also analyze historical charts, ranking, whitepaper, sources code, holder statistics, and holding address by balancing to study the project you want to invest in. We have compiled a list for you to discover crypto charts, new entrants, top gainers, losers, trending, and most viewed coins.

Coinmarketcap is the largest website that offers prices, charts, analysis, the market capitalization of coins or tokens, and total market capital. For beginners, it is a good website to use because they can get started by using and evaluating this system.

Cryptos: 24,210

Exchanges: 625

Users of Cryptowatch can access live prices, charts, trading graphs and candles, cryptocurrency exchanges, as well as the watchlist and portfolio features. Traders and investors can access a dashboard to get a full picture of their digital assets to evaluate. 

Cryptos: 15,600

Exchanges: 385

A website called CoinGecko performs in-depth analyses of the markets for cryptocurrency like BTC, ETH, USDT, and NFTs. Customers can track the real-time prices, and charts of cryptocurrencies and access learning resources like tutorials and articles. 

Cryptos: 10,735

Exchanges: 742

One of the most popular websites for tracking real-time data of prices and charts analysis, is TradingView, which offers users access to charts and prices for cryptocurrencies, stocks, commodities, indices, surds, and more. 

Cryptos: 23500

Exchanges: 550

The most comprehensive financial crypto calendar for coins, tokens, and NFTs is CoinMarketCal. Users can create their own digital currencies on the platform, which covers all aspects of digital currencies and aids in quick decision-making. 

Cryptos: 11530

Exchanges: 451

Along with 350 other platforms, well-known cryptocurrency exchanges like Coinbase and Binance collaborate with CoinStats. By building a dashboard to manage portfolios, and newsletters, users can keep track of the asset. 

Cryptos: 23,300

Exchanges: 323

Live Coin Watch offers real-time prices, thorough charts, market statistics, coin capital, and market capital. Users can investigate features like price comparison, source code, white paper, API, and portfolio.

Cryptos: 13750

Exchanges: 345

Users can find mining information, the best mining rewards, trending cryptocurrencies, and much more on CryptoCompare, which is well known for comparing the prices and the factors that influence them. 

Cryptos: 12950

Exchanges: 329

Crypto Overview

The first decentralized platform that emphasizes peer-to-peer scoring is Kryptview, that offers structured data on coins, tokens, and NFTs. The results of the community scores assist beginners in performing basic analyses.

Cryptos: 15200

Exchanges: 650

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Is crypto real money?

Cryptocurrency has grown in trust, adoption, and popularity over time, and because of those factors, its demand and supply have increased, and it is being used more frequently worldwide. Right now, cryptocurrencies are not recognized as fiat currencies. However, it is being used as a payment method precisely like people use fiat money.

2. Is cryptocurrency safe?

Yes, it is considered safe because, due to changing conditions, people have adopted cryptocurrency as a payment method and are using it widely. Usually, we use banks to store our fiat currency, but exchanges such as Binance or Coinbase and crypto-wallets (MetaMask, Trust Wallet) are also used to store cryptocurrency.

3. What is the future of crypto?

Cryptocurrency started in 2009, and as I am writing now, it is February 2023; crypto has been increasing its influence on the financial market for 14 years. In 2021, crypto had a significant boom in capitalization and became a nearly $3 trillion industry. Therefore, it is now complicated for governments, institutions, and people to resist the growing confidence in cryptocurrencies.

4. What is the most significant crypto gain in 2030?

In 2023, the world faced a major financial recession, and crypto also fell victim to the same downturn. That’s why this year was not good for crypto, but according to crypto experts, the coming years will be good for crypto, and according to them, BTC will gain at least 2000% in its value, and Ethereum will get 3000% in its value.

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