Coinmarketcal: Track Upcoming Crypto Events and Stay Informed

Coinmarketcal: Track Upcoming Crypto Events and Stay Informed

What is Coinmarketcal?

Coinmarketcal is a platform that facilitates users’ information regarding coins, tokens, and NFTs collections for upcoming events, and users can get information on past events. It is a complete event calendar website with crypto news, conferences, merging projects, seminars, new project announcements, celebrations, and other essential developments. Crypto project events would affect the price, so by tracking these events, and users can find potential coins and tokens for better crypto decisions. Users can vote for the trustworthiness and authenticity of the event, and other users can analyze the results based on these voting results.

Coinmarketcal provides the source and the proof of the event listed on their website; users can monitor the event’s source themselves, which is often crypto’s official Twitter page. Coinmarketcal does not compromise the reliability and authenticity of the platform for the traders and investor community, so filtering and sorting options will be there for users to sort or filter events by year, month, and date. Coinmarketcal’s event calendar allows users to access a new section that includes the new developments in the crypto market; it is mainly about significant regulatory issues, Government or state money laundering issues, and newly listed coins, tokens, and NFTs.

Benefits of Using Coinmarketcal

There are several advantages while using Coinmarketcal for crypto seekers. 

Access to comprehensive information

Users can access comprehensive information using Coinmarketcal regarding coins, tokens, and NFTs. Traders and investors stay informed about the latest developments in the cryptocurrency industry to make timely investment decisions.

Real-time updates

Expert traders use newly listed cryptos to make quick profits; they use Coinmarketcal’s upcoming events and their statistics (Upcoming Events, Trending, Significant, and Hot) for real-time updates. 

Customizable filters

The authenticity of the event could be questionable; the statistics (Upcoming Events, Trending, Significant, and Hot) facility of the platform would help the users to customize their research on crypto projects. Users customize the event’s authenticity by analyzing the voting results that other crypto users conduct. 

Coinmarketcal: Track Upcoming Crypto Events and Stay Informed

User-generated content

Coinmarketcal allows the clients to participate in the events by voting; users can vote for the authenticity of the events. For voting, there are two options: Real or Fake; usually, users do research on more than one platform, especially experts, traders, and investors, so the voting result will help the users to engage with the event. 

Signing Up for Coinmarketcal

For users who want to get only crypto information, it is a free platform, no need to register. Visit the official website with that link:, and at the bottom of the homepage, users will find the “Subscribe” tab, where they will get the comprehensive event information of three coins. However, users can register for a developer account in the API section at the bottom of the page instead of this. 

Create a developer account.

  1. Once you get to the homepage, you will hit the API section in the footer section in the “Our Services” category.
  2. Click on the API section to find the “Login” page and “Register a developer account.”
  3. Enter your details, such as Name, Email Address, Password, and Website (if you have one), and then hit the “I am not Robot” tab.
  4. Click the “Register” icon to complete your registration process.

Exploring the Platform

Coinmarketcal provides a comprehensive list of upcoming events, crypto news, and all related information on coins, tokens, and NFTs and also facilitates past events and their feedback. Now we explore the features and tools of the website. 

Overview of Features and Tools

The key features of Coinmarketcal are as follows:

  1. The platform provides a calendar of upcoming events.
  2. Provide the source and proof of the event
  3. Provides the trending feature, which is based on the popularity
  4. Users can explore the significant feature based on merging with big projects. 
  5. It provides a hot feature because it is based on multiple popular events. 
  6. Users can track the coins’ reliability with the tool “Coins with Potential.”

Adding Events to Your Calendar

Once you get to the homepage, on the right side of the page, the user can explore the tab “Add Event,” by clicking this tab, a complete form with the credentials will show. There are two tabs for adding events: Coins & Tokens and NFTs Collections, which clients of the websites choose according to their projects. Users can add respective events with the terms of service of Coinmarketcal. 

Subscribing to Newsletters and Communities

Traders and investors stay informed by subscribing to newsletters and communities; it is time-saving activity, newly and essential developments of cryptos are timely posted in communities. CoinmarketCap informs its users of the wide range of newsletters covering various projects and cryptocurrency industries. Users can follow Coinmarketcal’s social media platforms for rapid response, such as telegram | coins, telegram | NFTs, Twitter | coins, and Twitter | NFTs. 

Tracking Crypto Events with Coinmarketcal

Coinmarketcal is a platform that allows users to track and stay informed about upcoming cryptocurrency-related events. Using the platform, users can easily keep track of important dates, events, and announcements in the crypto industry. Coinmarketcal also provides evidence of every event which is listed on the platform. 

Coinmarketcal: Track Upcoming Crypto Events and Stay Informed

Understanding Types of Crypto Events

Sometimes events affect cryptocurrency prices, mainly when management announces listing their projects on exchanges, hard forks, crypto airdrops, and launching blockchain layers. If users of Coinmarketcal want to earn some crypto, they must understand the various types of events and their impact on prices. 

Analyzing Past Event Results

Users can track past events and make an analysis based on their results. Traders and investors can measure how various past events affected the crypto market so that traders and investors can decide the future by analyzing past events. 

Ranking feature of Coins

At the main menu bar, users can find the tab which is “Coins Ranking.” Users can monitor the coin ranking feature by clicking this tab, which includes price, market capitalization, and trading volume. In addition, users can track the exchanges and their listed crypto assets. 

Keeping Current with Important Announcements:

Important news in the cryptocurrency sector, such as product launches, crypto collaborations, and rules and regulation changes by governments, are also covered by Coinmarketcal. Users can learn how these announcements might affect the market and make wise trading selections by keeping up with them.

Coinmarketcal: Track Upcoming Crypto Events and Stay Informed


In summary, Coinmarketcal is a powerful tool for tracking and staying informed about upcoming events and announcements in the crypto industry. By using the platform’s features and tools, users can gain insights into how events may impact the market and make informed trading decisions based on historical data and trends. Users can share knowledge and thoughts and keep up with the most recent advancements in the business by engaging with communities on CoinmarketCal. In conclusion, Coinmarketcal is a valuable resource for everyone interested in cryptocurrencies who wants to keep up with the most recent advancements in the crypto business.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

1. What is an airdrop campaign?

In the Web 3.0 ecosystem, crypto airdrop marketing has become a powerful technique for promoting new digital currencies and a potential strategy to encourage users to participate in crypto communities. Cryptocurrencies are given to nominated users to motivate community engagement and generate promotion for the project.

2. Where can I buy a crypto airdrop?

A reliable and popular website,, is a free platform that lists the most recent and reliable cryptocurrency airdrops available worldwide. The website continuously collects airdrops after confirming the project and then provides information to users about lucrative earning opportunities.

3. Is it possible to profit from airdrops?

Airdrops are free, and users can benefit by selling them; once the free tokens are placed on an exchange or marketplace, cryptocurrency airdrops are the simplest way to make money. So, clients can hold airdrops for more profit because the cryptocurrency price may rise or fall over time, depending on supply and demand.

4. Can you really make money with airdrops?

Yes, airdrops are launched to promote new crypto projects by most cryptocurrency exchanges. But it is not a permanent income solution because these are the opportunities that users can avail themselves of over time. Sometimes airdrop opportunities come daily, but sometimes these opportunities do not come for months.

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