Top Cryptocurrency YouTube Influencers You Need to Follow in 2023

Cryptocurrency YouTube Influencers


Cryptocurrency YouTube influencers; the growing popularity of cryptocurrency has created new investment and learning opportunities for newbies, which is why the crypto market has also created many opportunities for those who have skills to explain and analyze; YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter are the platforms where crypto experts share their knowledge, and expertise. Over time, the number of newbies who want to explore and learn cryptocurrencies has increased because cryptocurrencies are an extensive and complicated subject. So that is why the demand for social media platforms influencers has risen rapidly.

Cryptography covers many topics, including layer-1, layer-2, the metaverse, NFTs, coins, tokens, and blockchain projects. Therefore, cryptocurrency YouTube influencers cover all facets of digital currency, including news, analysis, fraud, the launch of new projects, and crypto jobs. Because of this, crypto experts have a sizable following and subscriber base on social media. There are thousands of crypto channels on YouTube, but those who are experts that bring authentic news and analysis to their users. We have a precise list of 13 crypto channels here, and you can stay updated and learn by visiting them.

13. Crypto Eri

This channel covers the top gainers in cryptocurrency, and their primary focus is educating newbies about digital currencies. Crypto Eri emphasizes the new digital financial market, artificial intelligence, yield, leverage, decentralized finance, insurance, and trading payments. They facilitate their users by connecting the changing technological trends that influence our financial system worldwide. 

  • Channel Name: Crypto Eri
  • Subscriber: 106K
  • The channel launched on 27 October 2006. 

12. Crypto Cred

Crypto Cred is a tutorial channel for beginners that provides technical analysis tutorials. They have twenty-two comprehensive videos on technical analysis, and crypto cred covers the topics such as Daily Open Strategy, Candlestick Reversals, Entry Triggers,  Ichimoku Cloud, Fibonacci Levels, Risk Management, Trade Management, RSI, and Pattern Failure. 

  • Channel Name: Crypto Cred
  • Subscriber: 146K
  • The channel launched on 06 October 2017.

11. Crypto Crow

Jason Appleton establishes Crypto Crow, and he is a crypto educator, entrepreneur, and advocate of Cardano. He also supervises a website: His channel has more than 1k videos that are included in cryptocurrency courses, face-to-face podcasts, technical analysis, and many more.   

  • Channel Name: Crypto Crow
  • Subscriber: 140K
  • The channel launched on 05 October 2017

10. Crypto Mason

You will find current analyses, news, and live streams on this channel.  Crypto Mason covers the science of digital currencies like Bitcoin, Ripple blockchain, Ethereum, Hedra, and particularly XRP. You can explore podcasts, crypto gaming projects, and reviews also. 

  • Channel Name: Crypto Mason
  • Subscriber: 164K
  • The channel launched on 09 August 2017. 

9. Crypto Kirby Trading

Crypto Kirby Trading channel covers the technical and fundamental analysis of Bitcoin. Users can explore the Bitcoin critical analysis at a comprehensive level. They discuss the BTC trading singles, bad days for BTC, price predictions, dump alters, pump alters, the history of price swings of BTC, the impact of inflation on BTC, and many more.  

  • Channel Name: Crypto Kirby Trading
  • Subscriber: 157K
  • The channel launched on 17 April 2018.

8. Sean Benson

Sean Benson is a new channel compared to others, and in a short period, this channel has quickly gained subscribers based on its crypto content. He has over 100 videos on digital currencies and focuses on economic news and its influence on the digital currency market. 

  • Channel Name: Sean Benson
  • Subscriber: 189K
  • The channel launched on 27 January 2021. 

7. Crypto Face

It is an online platform where Crypto Face trades cryptocurrency, particularly Bitcoin, in futures that attract crypto traders. They also do trading in other coins like shiba innu and xrp. They monitor price fluctuations and market sentiment while also educating users about the risky state of the cryptocurrency market. 

  • Channel Name: Crypto Face
  • Subscriber: 217K
  • The channel launched on 24 January 2018.

6. Crypto Crew University

It is an online crypto indicator and courses platform, and they have the mission to change one million lives through crypto technology science. They claim their tutorials are very simple and clear so that newbies can easily access and understand crypto science. They have a website with the same name. 

  • Channel Name: Crypto Crew University
  • Subscriber: 299K
  • The channel launched on 29 May 2017. 

5. Chico Crypto

Mr. Tyler Swope established Chico Crypto; he is a crypto guru and started his crypto career in 2013. Users can track informational cryptocurrency videos from beginner to advanced in this channel. They also educate users in Portfolio Breakdown, NFTs, Defi solutions, news and reviews, and live streams. 

  • Channel Name: Chico Crypto
  • Subscriber: 317K
  • The channel launched on 24 October 2011.

4. Crypto Casey

This is our first cryptocurrency youtube channel managed by a lady named Casey. She makes informational content regarding cryptocurrencies, the financial market, and blockchain technology. She explains the complicated concepts of crypto in an easy way that attracts crypto users to Casey’s channel. 

  • Channel Name: Chico Casey
  • Subscriber: 449K
  • The channel launched on 06 June 2017. 

3. Lark Davis

Lark Davis is the channel’s founder, a Bitcoin investor, and a stock investor. He has handy experience trading and investing in shares and the crypto market. His primary goal is to facilitate the beginner to learn the crypto industry. This channel lets Users find reviews, reactions, technical analyses, and live sessions. 

  • Channel Name: Lark Davis
  • Subscriber: 478K
  • The channel launched on 28 October 2009. 

2. JRNY Crypto

JRNY Crypto channel focuses on crypto tutorials, NFTs, tutorials, Altcoins, and many more regarding Cryptocurrency. He makes complete and comprehensive videos on NFts tutorials and covers all the news of NFTs and cryptocurrency as it happens.  JRNY has a playlist of trading, ADA, and a $1K to $10K challenge series for interested crypto users. 

  • Channel Name: JRNY Crypto
  • Subscriber: 630K
  • The channel launched on 20 September 2017. 

1. BitBoy Crypto

It is the biggest crypto channel on youtube and the largest community. Ben Armstrong is the founder of the channel and website: He has been working since 2012 and is passionate about educating people. They facilitate their community with trading advice, historical Bitcoin cycles, and trading tips. 

  • Channel Name: BitBoy Crypto
  • Subscriber: 1.46M
  • The channel launched on 08 February 2018. 

DISCLAIMER: Cryptocurrency YouTube influencers

We have provided cryptocurrency information to YouTube influencers in this article based on crypto users’ interests, and it is not our financial advice to choose these platforms to invest in. Please use all these platforms to learn, train, and educate about crypto. We recommend that you do your research before investing in any cryptocurrency. These are not professional consultants in the financial business,  taxation, and in the area of crypto investment or the practice of law. Online sessions, information, news, analysis, podcasts, written materials, and other data are only for learning and general training. You may analyze any said information on these channels as investment, tax, accounting, or any other financial advice at your own risk.

Final Thoughts

Crypto users interested in the digital market should get crypto training first, and YouTube is the most suitable platform for this. Crypto users must follow cryptocurrency Youtube influencers to keep up with the latest news, reviews, blockchain projects, metaverse, and NFTS, in the crypto community before investing. Users can join the crypto communities on Twitter and subscribe to the youtube channels to stay informed as news happens. Cryptocurrency Youtube influencers have handy experience, so they create helpful content for beginners. If you subscribe to some of these, you will get daily news, technical analysis, trading tips, NFTs news, Metaverse projects, and many more. Be sure to support thought leaders in the cryptocurrency community by following these influencers.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

1. Who is the biggest crypto influencers on YouTube?

Coin Bureau is the biggest youtube channel, with 2.27M subscribers, and it is a news website with extensive traffic. Coin Bureau has expert members on the team, and they do quality, fundamental, technical, in-depth, and historical analyses for their crypto users. To explore the coin bureau, please hit this link. 

2. Which crypto has the most followers?

Changpeng Zhao, known as “CZ,” is the CEO and creator of Binance Centralized Exchange, one of the most popular and trusted CEX worldwide. CZ has 8.5 million followers on Twitter. He is one of the most famous crypto personalities in the world and is an inspiration for the newbies of cryptos. 

3. What is the No 1 searched crypto?

Bitcoin is the king of the crypto market and the first-ever coin Mr. Nakamoto Satoshi invented in 2009. It has the most significant market capital of the overall crypto market and is undoubtedly the most searched coin on Google. Other than Bitcoin, other crypto coins, such as Ethereum, BNB, Cardano, Ripple, Dogecoin, and Solana, are also searched on Google by interested crypto users. However, if we talk about the latest data, the most searched cryptocurrencies in 2023 are still in their early stages, such as Ecoterra, Dogai, Hex, Snek, and AiDoge.

4. Which celebrities pushed crypto?

According to NewYorkTimes, Lindsay Lohan, the film actress, and Akon, the rapper, admire the crypto industry, and they motivate people through their social media to adopt digital assets. Due to the campaign in favor of cryptocurrencies on social media by these stars and an influencer, Jake Paul and other unknown prominent personalities are facing legal trouble. Some of them are arrested, like Do Kwon, who is a famous influencer and crypto guru.