How to Create a Watchlist on Binance?

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How to create a watchlist on Binance? This article will teach you how to put coins on the watchlist. The word on Binance for this purpose is not a watchlist but FAVORITES. CoinmarketCap’s website gave us the facility of a watchlist; so many people keep searching for the icon of the word watchlist on Binance. But the name of the icon on Binance is FAVORITES. 

Watchlist or Favorites 

So this is an effortless task for you; for this purpose, you will first visit Binance’s website. After that, the Menu on the top will open very quickly and click on the icon Markets. And after that, the first icon you’ll see on this page a little lower left will be Favorites. You click on it, and if you don’t put any coins on the favourites yet, the message you will see will be No Results.

Even before that, let me tell you one thing in the Menu Bar with Favorites, you will see four digits and icons. 

  1. All Cryptos
  2. Spot Markets 
  3. Futures Markets
  4. New Listing

How to Create a Watchlist on Binance? In the same way, two icons will be showing you separately in Favorites. One will be spot, and the other will be future markets because the price of Coins in spot markets is different, and the cost of Coins in Future Markets is additional. Now that you click on Add Favorites, you’ll have a list of Coins in front of you, and you’ll be redirected to Menu Bar with Favorites. 

How to Create a Watchlist on Binance?

Remove Coin 

There you have the facility to choose from what you want to favourite, the Coins of Spot Market or Future Markets; when you look to the right, you will see the Search Menu Bar. So there you can also find your desired Coin. After finding the Coin to put on your favourite, you will see a star before the name of the Coin. 

How to Create a Watchlist on Binance? Once you click on it, it will be added to your Favorite. And if you click on the same star again, that Coin will be removed from your Favorite List. You can do Both Spot and Future Markets Coins of Markets with Favorite and unfavorites under the same procedure. By clicking on Spot and Future Markets, the by-default List shows according to the market capitalization of coins.

How to Create a Watchlist on Binance?

Price fluctuation 

One more thing I want to teach you in this article is that the icon that is third in the upward List of coins will be 24 h Change. Right next to it, you’ll see two dots in small ones. If you click on them once, you will find the most coin price increase in 24 hours in this ranking, and if you click the second time, the price decrease will be displayed in front of you in 24 hours.

How to Create a Watchlist on Binance? And by clicking the third time, the List will return to its original state. By clicking on all cryptos, a full Menu Bar will appear at the bottom in front of you, i.e. all cryptocurrencies that you can trade on Binance are available, and the rest of the List is as follows.

  1. All
  2. Metaverse 
  3. Gaming
  4. Defi
  5. Innovation 
  6. Layer 1 / Layer 2
  7. Fan Token 
  8. NFT
  9. Storage 
  10. Polkadot
  11. POS
  12. POW
  13. Launch Pad 
  14. Launch Pool 
  15. BNB Chain 
How to Create a Watchlist on Binance?

These are the categories of all those coins. Now, if you click on any sort, all the coins will show according to it. For example, you will see metaverse when you click on it; you’ll see coins related to the metaverse and then gaming and Defi, and then, as we have described in the List above, will make it much easier for you to find and experience your desired Coin.

How to Create a Watchlist on Binance? So, if you are interested in investing or trading after studying these projects to earn money with a safe method if you want to put Coin on the CoinmarketCap watchlist, click this link. And you can also read our other blogs regarding cryptocurrency.

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