How to do future trading on Binance?

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How to do future trading on Binance? In this article, we will teach you how to future trade on Binance. It is relatively easy; spot trading is just a little different; if you are a regular trader, you can easily understand future trading. The first thing we do you sign up and then sign in. So, you found the main menu bar; at that bar, the tab you will see is the derivative. Click on it, and the first tab will show Binance Future Overview; click on it, and then a new page will open, which is only for Binance Future Trading.

Transfer Assets from the Spot market to Future Market

How to do future trading on Binance? And here is worth mentioning: whether you have fiat currency (stable coins) or cryptocurrency, you can trade with those currencies in Binance Future Overview. Firstly, you must convert your assets from spot markets to Binance Future Overview. For that, click on this tab of your assets like USDT, then you will be asked by the spot market for approval to convert; if you do OK, then you will able to convert your asset in Binance Future Overview; after that, you can trade here.

Coin-M Perpetual and Coin-M Delivery

How to do future trading on Binance? As soon as the Binance Future Overview, its home page will appear in front of you, and the second tab you will see in the main menu bar will be like this Coin-M when you click on it. You found two options: Coin-M Perpetual, and Coin-M Delivery, also called Quarterly. The main difference is that whenever you place a trade in Coin-M Perpetual, there is no time limit; you can close the trade whenever you want.

How to do future trading on Binance?

How to do future trading on Binance? But in Coin-M delivery or quarterly, you have a time limit; you can invest for one week, 15 days, or a time limit set by the exchanges. It would be best if you closed your trade within the time limit; otherwise, exchanges will complete automatically within that time frame, whether in profit or not. 

Binance Future Trading

How to do future trading on Binance? First, you click on the perpetual, then it is visible page open; the page shows us the left side of the page the coin’s name with pair like BTCUSD Perpetual; when you click on it, you will have a search bar open, this search bar shows you all coins listed on perpetual. You search for your desired coin, which you want to trade, and after that, the price will show; the critical point is that there will be a difference in the cost of the spot market and the future market. 

How to do future trading on Binance? At the right side of the page, you will see the option where you get a trade, as we have here; for example, let’s take the leverage that is going from 10x, 20x, 50x, ………. 125x, and the price will touch the seventeen thousand dollars of BTC as you decided. You can see that there are two options, one is Buy/Long, and the second is Sell/Short. Now, you can trade with both options. If the market is as you research, it is your experience and analysis.

How to do future trading on Binance?

If you think the coin’s price will go up, you can buy/long it with the leverage you can afford; if your trade hits the target, the profit of the respective trade credit to your account with the calculation of leverage as your take. And the same that if you think the coin’s price will go down, you sell/short it. If the trade hits, you get profit; otherwise, accounts may have vanished. So, Binance will show you the profit and loss love shown on your assets graph. 


A calculator is on the left side; you will click on this link, then the calculator page will appear; you can also calculate your profit and loss by entering the price and quantity of the coin before you join in trade. And you also calculate the liquidation price. We assume our prize is that we have made sixteen thousand five hundred rupees, and we want to sell this coin at eighteen thousand with the leverage of 20x.

How to do future trading on Binance?

How to do future trading on Binance? After the calculation, we have a 416% profit if our trade is closed successfully. In the same way, when your trade goes against your pattern, so with the same calculation, the trade we will participate in got a 416% loss; it seems to us that the trade was coming down. So, we recommend using a calculator to analyze your liquidation price before trading. For liquidation calculation, there is a tab on the Binance future calculator; the rest of the process is ultimately the same. 

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