How to use CoinmarketCal?

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How to use CoinmarketCal?; in this article, we’ll learn how to study Coins ranking on CoinmarketCal. After opening the website, the first menu in the Main Menu Header on the homepage is Coins Ranking. When you click on it, you will have a new page open. On this, you will see two tabs, Number 1 will be Coins, and the other will be of Exchange-All.

Coins Ranking

How to use CoinmarketCal? When you Click Coins, the search bar will also open, in which you can find and analyze your desired coin, and the other things will be in it. They’ll be able to see you the details of coins that will be Top-10, 100, 300, & 500. And this description will come according to the coin market capital; similarly, if you click On Exchange-All, you will come across the names of Exchange.

Suppose you’re visited the first Exchange like Binance; after clicking on it, you’ll have the number of all the coins listed on Binance. The Exchanges and their data are available on this website, respectively. We analyze a single coin on this website; so, now let’s explore BTC; the first thing that will be its rank in the coin list.

How to use coinmarketcal?

Analyze using info

How to use CoinmarketCal? You’ll see a Bell icon before that; if you click on it, you will get a notification for whatever news comes from this related coin, just like YouTube videos Bell Icon. Then the name of the coin, its price will change twenty-four hours chart, and volume, then the total market capitalization, and then you will see four icons; their layout is something like this.

Up-Coming Events




How to use CoinmarketCal? According to these Icons, any points running below will show; if there is no point, such as zero, it will appear as a dot. For example, the first icon is the Up-Coming Events; if there is no one event, then two or three, meaning that you will see the number of events that will be about this coin.

Similarly, you will see the Numbering of Trending, Significant, and Hot. All this information will appear to you differently about each coin. On the CoinmarketCal website, you’ll see most of the Dots if you scroll down like this. If you see numbers in all four icons in front of a coin, you must analyze them to get a good and safe trade.

How to use coinmarketcal?

Study before trading

Now that I’m writing this article, a coin in front of me looks excellent for taking a trade. All of these events may have passed while you’re reading the article. But to help you, I would like to give an example. As you can see, the name of the coin is on rank number 50 (Theta) shown in the picture, so all the details will be revealed to you.

Number of Upcoming Events = 01

Trending = 55

Significant = 100

Hot = 48

How to use coinmarketcal?

How to use CoinmarketCal? In Statistics, you can see all the details of the events of this coin here and read it. The description of the same coin includes the details of the Exchange on which the coin’s description is listed, the website of the coin, and most importantly, the White Paper, Website, and all social media pages like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Github, Reddit, etc. Now, three tabs will appear at the bottom of the same page. You will also find details of the information like as below






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