What is Web3.0 Technology?

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What is Web3.0 Technology? we have three types of webs to now in the Internet world.

1.    Web 1.0

2.    Web 2.0

3.    Web 3.0


People have a significant loss of not understanding the Internet’s versions. Web1.0, Web2.0, and Web3.0 are the versions or additions of the Internet, just like additions in books and movies. In the same way, there are additions to the Internet. We will understand them in detail; if we know their Internet degree well, it will lead to many money-making opportunities we have previously wasted.

What is Web 1.0?

Web 1.0 started in 1990 and has been around since 2005. We used to get a source of information which we called website. A website simply gave us two things. The number one was that we used to get information in the form of text, or at most, we can say that we got the picture. Big companies were launched, among which Google and Yahoo are the top, and Yahoo gave us a great facility to mail.

What is Web3.0 Technology? We were able to communicate with each other professionally and personally. It can be said that Yahoo created a digital post office for correspondence in the olden days. In the same period, the business of domain and hosting came. Google search engine will also be based; it is now the largest search engine in the world today.

It was founded by the eyes of the people, who knew the domain of relevant information, then they used the realm of a website to get information, but Google, instead of writing domains, Google started a new era of the keyword world.

What is Web3.0 Technology?

What is Web 2.0?

This era of the Internet started in 2005, and until 2022, in this version of the Internet, we found a more prominent organizations founded like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok. These organizations provided us the facility to write the content, to make videos of content which was called content writers nowadays. So, we got the facility to make money.

What is Web3.0 Technology? These companies made a lot of money from ads; some of that money has been given to clients (content writers). All our data went into the access of all these companies based on which they established massive businesses, out of which digital marketing was the most extensive business. 

Because these companies are centralized, all the people involved have to work according to their policies, whether they like it or not, and all our privacy is compromised. In Web2.0, we also got a lot of facilities to download videos to watch and to create videos for uploading, and we people are products for these organizations. In the same era, the Internet trend has also increased, and people also got opportunities to earn a lot of money through apps made for only mobile users.

What is Web3.0 Technology? In the earlier era, people only used the website on the desktop computer, but after the invention of android technology, websites have been created for android mobile users. A massive business of mobile apps was also established during this period. In mobile apps, there are many platforms in the world, among them Google and Apple. They have to because some of their policies have many problems with people doing what they do.

In this era, Web2.0, we have seen the evolution in the gaming industry; many big companies allowed us to make games and make money from them. Gaming industry companies were also centralized, so all game makers were reliant on and sure to follow the companies’ policies whether they liked it or not.

What is Web3.0 Technology? Before understanding Web3.0, it is imperative to comprehend Web2.0; the main reason is the monopoly of the big centralized companies, which undoubtedly work according to their policies. How centralized businesses work. You must read our article What is a centralized business model and decentralized business model.

What is Web3.0 Technology?

What is Web3.0? 

What is Web3.0 Technology? Web 3.0 was started in 2020, and it has been around to be continued since. So, whatever content we used to create, whether it was in the form of videos, whether it was writing, or whether it was an E-commerce category website, we had many platforms in the world where we used these platforms to publish our own content and follow the term of services. They can punish our content in seconds if we don’t follow the privacy policy.

We need decentralized platforms where many shareholders are the stakeholders, and those kinds of companies are built with the help of Blockchain technology. You must read our blog to understand blockchain technology. For example, Companies give us the facility of cloud services, but if we create such an application with the help of blockchain, we will provide the cloud facility to other clients by using our home computers.

What is Web3.0 Technology? If we do something that is not according to the policies of big companies, they don’t publish our content, and our content will be wasted, but we will work on such a platform in which there is no chance of being tired. It would not happen because no one owns it because of the decentralized business model.

What is Web3.0 Technology?

Web3.0 will give us the future, Freedom of speech, Freedom of terms of services, our data privacy, a considerable share of income, data safety, and satisfaction regarding our content. We can create many more applications to break the monopoly of the big giants like Google, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Apple App store, Instagram, TikTok, etc.

What is Web3.0 Technology? Web3.0 will give us the world of a metaverse in which you can feel yourself in a world that will be almost close to reality, a fancy world created by human beings in which you can go and immerse yourself. This thing happens with a helmet, but in the future, a chip in your mind where you’ll be able to feel like you’re in an imaginary world like we were talking about.

In the monopoly of centralized companies, there are many talented people whose talent will be wasted because of middle man or methods they either cannot reach or have to spend a lot of money on at the point where you can start using your talent and make money from decentralized applications. You can manage it very well, ending the monopoly of the big companies.

What is Web3.0 Technology? Big companies are also entering into Web3.0 technology; when the decentralized applications start to work, these companies will cease to exist due to this change. Looking at the situation, Facebook has erased its name, entered the world of improvements, and changed its name; META is the new name of this giant company, and now they are trying to build a metaverse platform to rule again.

Web3.0 is a world that often changes all the previous Internet business and money-making opportunities and what we have seen so far. Some things are hard for many people to understand and believe now.

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